What We Do

Personalized healing strategy based on your test results

Non-invasive tests:

  • Neurotoxic Assessment
  • Cellular Membrane Inflammation Testing
  • Visual Contrast Sensitivity Testing  (Dr. Richie Shoemaker)
  • Quantum BioFeedback Scan for Root Causes


  • Heavy Metal Toxicity Testing
  • Blood Studies/Lab Testing
  • Toxin/Mycotoxin Testing by urinalysis
  • Neuromuscular Response Testing (therapeutic and nutritional)

Strategies we use:

  • The Multi-Therapeutic Approach
  • The True Cellular Detox Protocol
  • Ancient Healing Strategies
  • Metabolomics
  • Herbalomics
  • Nutraceutical Cellular Support
  • REDOX Cellular Signaling Support
  • Bacterial Biome Signaling Support
  • Pathogen Purge Protocol
  • Micro Gut Recolonization Protocol
  • Parasite Purge Protocol
  • SAFE Systematic Heavy Metal Removal (Move to HERE)
  • Optimization of the Immune System
  • Therapeutic Pulsating Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (PEMFs)
  • Therapeutic Infra Red Light Sauna (Near, Mid & Far)
  • Quantum BioFeedback (IMAET)
  • BioModulator/BioTransducer Pain and BioEnergy Modulation (Dr. Tennant)
  • SoftWave TRT (Tissue Regenerative Technology)
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT)
Nautral Healing

Dietary recommendations we promote:

  • Diet Variation
  • Ketogenesis
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Nutraceutical Potent Natural Supplements
  • Advanced Forms of Fasting for Health & Longevity

The healthy life style changes we recommend involve:

  • Deliberate Dietary Changes to Minimize Exposure to GMOs, Chemical Additives, Glyphosates
  • Healthy Circadian Sleep Protocols
  • Recognition of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Exercise Regimens
  • Minimizing Household Toxins (cleaning products, toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides)
  • Minimizing Toxic Personal Products (cosmetics, fragrances, shampoos, etc.)
  • Minimizing Exposure to Physical, Chemical and Emotional Toxins
  • Minimizing Exposure to Electro-Magnetic Frequencies at Home/ Work
  • Removal from Exposure to Mold Environments & Effective Mold Remediation
  • Clean Water & Air Solutions
  • Continuing Education and Health Awareness of What We Can Do to Promote our Quality of Life & Longevity
Nautral Healing