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Meet Dr. Flanary

Having received three degrees from the Medical College of Virginia, Dr. Carolyn Flanary came to Texas to Co-Chair the Dentofacial Deformities Clinic at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Dentistry.

The next decade was filled with patient care, national and international lectures, research endeavors, journal publications, and chapters in textbooks.

After decades in the private practice of orthodontics, she sold her practice and changed her career focus to pursue alternative health solutions, finding real answers to the challenges so many of her family and friends struggled with. She attended over 25 cutting edge healthcare conferences in the next five years to help her understand the root causes driving chronic illness.

She currently coaches clients virtually and in the San Antonio area to act on foundational precepts to become ambassadors of their own health.

Asking the right questions through careful screening can identify root causes pointing to issues needing to be addressed.  In our increasingly toxic world, if you fix the cell, you get well. 

There is hope for you

Hi, I'm Dr. Carolyn Flanary and I am passionate about joyful vitality and making a difference in lives of others. That means you.

Over the past decade, I have taken note of the pandemic manifestation of all kinds of disease states that were never this prevalent in my entire lifetime. Health concerns and death have even affected my family and loved ones. In each case I was relentless in the pursuit of cause, accurate diagnosis by healthcare professionals, healing and recovery. Not all cases ended well. I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer, a sorrow that galvanized me to find ways to help the people I love avoid the consequences of catastrophic disease and how cellular health is essential.

I have learned so much in this quest, my friends, and one thing that I have learned is that traditional medicine is broken and something is dreadfully wrong with the system. I won't get into the political and economic reasons for this failure in care. Instead, let me share with you the good news that I have found.

You do not have to live with brain fog, lackluster days, exhaustion, weight loss resistance, auto-immune issues or live without dreams, hope, joy, vitality or enthusiasm for life! Part of the good news is that the problem is not you.
The problem involves the toxins that engulf you every day, in what you eat, what you breathe and what you cannot eliminate. These toxins are interfering with your body's natural forms of defense and healing along with disrupting your hormone regulation.

Nautral Healing
Cellular Healing - San Antonio TX

A New Way of Seeing Your Health

I want to introduce you to a new way of seeing your health…. at a cellular level…. and even at a quantum frequency level..

With a few choice lifestyle changes and a few embraced recommendations, you will be able to easily maintain good habits that will turn your life around! I have never left you, my friends. I have been arming myself with the tools that we all need to eliminate toxins from our system, cleanse our bodies and our brains, and anti-age, preparing us to live the "Best Years of Our Lives!"